CRT Documentation: Reference

Crt Unit

The Delphi Crt unit contains procedures and functions that ease porting legacy Turbo Pascal and Borland Pascal applications to Delphi as Delphi Console Applications. Many old MS-DOS based applications were written using Borland's Crt unit, and many of these could benefit greatly from being ported from the old 16-bit environment to the more robust and feature rich Win32 environment. Where possible, procedure and function declarations were kept intact, and where changes were made, this documentation notes the differences from the old Crt unit and the new Delphi Crt unit.

As well as supporting legacy application developers, the Delphi Crt unit also provides support for fresh console-based applications written in Delphi. The screen writing routines implemented in this unit are fast, provide support for colorized text, as well as advanced scrolling and window techniques.

This overview covers the support offered by the Delphi Crt unit.